VA Benefit Forms and Applications

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The VA provides eligible veterans and beneficiaries with necessary forms on their site. Additionally, U.S. military veterans can now utilize the VONAPP online service center to fill out benefit forms and applications through the Internet. Unlike paper applications which are easy to misplace, VONAPP, or Veterans Online Application, allows centralization of all paperwork and easy access to completed forms for users.

Benefits of Applying Online through VONAPP

Seal of Department of Veterans AffairsThe application process is streamlined and eliminates delivery issues traditional mail can present. Once an applicant submits a form it is sent directly to the VA office with jurisdiction over the application. VONAPP sends an email reply confirming submission and the processing phase begins.

VA benefit forms and applications submitted online allow designated individuals to apply for education benefits, burial benefits, vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits as well as others.

To learn more about VONAPP and submitting VA benefit forms and applications online, visit the VA’s webpage for VONAPP.

For a complete listing of VA forms and applications, visit Benefit Forms on the VA's website.

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