Veterans Unemployment Numbers Drop to Historic Low

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shared good news about veterans August unemployment rate on Friday, just days before the nation celebrated Labor Day. According to its data, last month, the unemployment rate for veterans dropped to its lowest rate… Read More

Government Partners with Energy Groups to Employ Veterans

For those returning from war, the transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one and transferring military skills to everyday life is not always easy.Furthermore, post 9/11 returning service members have historically had higher unemployment… Read More

Veterans Face Employment Challenges

After returning home from military service in Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans often face hurdles in the civilian job market, according to a recent article by management consultant Robert W. Goldfarb.Goldfarbs article in The New York Times details his recent… Read More

Young Veterans Facing High Unemployment Rates

Returning to civilian life after years of active military service should be a joyous occasion for veterans. However, many returning soldiers have a difficult time adjusting to life outside the armed forces, which may contribute to veteran unemployment… Read More

Guide to Federal Employment for Veterans

The federal government knows that veterans make excellent federal employees. Accordingly, multiple agencies, coalitions, and resources have been developed to push veterans towards federal employment and help servicemembers┬ácapitalize on the skills and… Read More

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