Need Help Getting Around? You May Be Eligible for Aid & Attendance Benefits

Many of our veterans are affected with severely disabling injuries which leave them unable to care for their basic needs. For these veterans, Aid & Attendance benefits (A&A) are available to help with the additional expenses which become part of a disabled… Read More

New Report from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Investigates VA Hospital Delays

Last week, the results of an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Veterans affairs released its report into allegations that veterans had died while suffering extended delays in treatment at the VA Hospital in… Read More

VA Hospitals in New Jersey Report Legionnaires Disease Contamination

New Jerseys VA Hospital reported last month that the water supply at the campuses in East Orange and Lyons has been contaminated with Legionella bacteria. According to a report by Eyewitness News New York, six buildings on the VA campuses were discovered… Read More

VA Loans Help Veterans Purchase Homes

Veterans and their families enjoy special perks as a result of their service. One of the biggest is the VA loan, which is a special mortgage loan designed with veterans in mind. These loans help veterans (or their surviving spouses) to purchase a house… Read More

Scared to Report Discrimination? The No FEAR Act Protects You!

All service members have the right to be free from discrimination and harassment while serving their country. Discriminatory behavior has no place in our armed forces, and Congress has enacted several laws to protect soldiers.¬†One of the strongest anti-discrimination… Read More

How to Apply for Veterans Benefits

Veterans and their family members have access to a wide variety of benefits, from disability compensation to home financing, education assistance and health insurance.¬† Applying for veterans benefits can be a daunting and time-consuming process.If you… Read More

Vietnam Vet Takes Cross-Country Tour with Two Mules and a Cart

A Vietnam veteran and his two mules are trekking across the country on a pilgrimage to his fathers grave. Charles Peters, from Owosso, Michigan, is traveling to Okemah, Oklahoma being powered only by two mules pulling a cart. The two mules can pull… Read More

How to Appeal VA Disability Claims

Millions of veterans depend on VA disability compensation benefits after being injured during their service to this country. When a disability claim is denied, veterans can experience crushing disappointment, and anger at a system that is refusing to… Read More

Guide to Federal Employment for Veterans

The federal government knows that veterans make excellent federal employees. Accordingly, multiple agencies, coalitions, and resources have been developed to push veterans towards federal employment and help servicemembers¬†capitalize on the skills and… Read More

Donate to Support Veterans

Our veterans keep this country safe, and ask for little in return. We have an obligation to support them during and after their military service. You can honor the sacrifice of veterans donating your money or time to various organizations who support… Read More

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