How to Use the GI Bill to Pursue Your Education

How to Use the GI Bill to Pursue Your EducationOne of the biggest benefits of serving in the armed forces is the GI Bill, which allows most veterans to attend the school of their choice for free after their discharge. While the paperwork and the application… Read More

Young Veterans Facing High Unemployment Rates

Returning to civilian life after years of active military service should be a joyous occasion for veterans. However, many returning soldiers have a difficult time adjusting to life outside the armed forces, which may contribute to veteran unemployment… Read More

A History of Veterans Day

Over time, many holidays meant to honor a particular group of people end up becoming a celebration of three-day weekends and family barbecues, rather than a day of remembrance. In contrast, Veterans Day has remained true to its origins, and exists as… Read More

Veterans Day Discounts and Specials

Every Veterans Day, businesses and organizations honor veterans by giving discounts and special offers to servicemembers and their families.Below is a list of retailers, restaurants, and other vendors observing Veterans Day this year. Remember that most… Read More

Doing Business With The VA

VA hospitals are like any other medical center. They purchase supplies, maintenance services, and numerous products from independent vendors, and can be a consistent source of income for companies looking to do business with the VA. If you are interested… Read More

Military Veterans Do Great Things--Do You Know These Famous Vets?

The armed services provide a springboard for all types of careers. From movie stars to astronauts, politicians to athletes, service members have gone on from their military career to do great things. Ever wonder what famous people are from your branch… Read More

Which States Are Best for Veterans Seeking Work?

Many veterans return home from active duty with years of experience, but no formal degree. The lack of a university degree can translate into difficulty getting hired, especially for veterans in certain parts of the country.  If you are returning home,… Read More

Helping Our Homeless Veterans

Veteran homelessness has been a problem in this country for decades. But how bad is the problem, and why are our veterans so susceptible to homelessness?The answers, of course, are complex and vary based on the each individual. However, some common threads… Read More

The Service-Connection Requirement: Will Your Injury Qualify for Disability Benefits?

In order to receive disability benefits from the VA, your injury must be connected or related to your time in the service. For many veterans, this connection is obvious. Injuries which occur during combat are always linked to a veterans military service.For… Read More

What Kind of Disability Claim Are You Filing?

Filing for disability benefits based on your time in the armed services can be a complicated process. It helps to understand the terminology the VA uses in classifying your claim, so that you or your veterans advocate know exactly where your disability… Read More

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