My Veterans Disability Benefits Claim Was Denied Now What?

For many veterans the transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one. Oftentimes, illnesses or disabilities can impact life after service.If these conditions are severe enough, you may be entitled to disability benefits from the Department… Read More

Functional Fashion: Prosthetics for Female Veterans

Rethinking prosthetics for female veterans. Its the mission of Andrea Ippolito, Dara Dotz, and Heather Irvine. The group created The Girls Lounge in the hopes that by teaming up they will bring more attention to prosthetic care for female veterans who… Read More

Financial Coaching for Returning Veterans

Every year, approximately 250,000 service members leave active duty and make the transition back into civilian life. With that change comes many burdens that can complicate the process and make the adjustment difficult. One of the biggest challenges… Read More

Pennsylvania Expands Veterans Access to Higher Education

Military servicemen and women are stationed all across the country and the world and are required to move more than the average person. This causes problems for service members seeking to further their education for whom out-of-state tuition and fees… Read More

July Fourth: Fireworks Can Trigger PTSD for Veterans

Fireworks exploding on the Fourth of July can have unintended consequences for some war veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTSD). It is condition that affects an estimated 60 to 80 percent of our nation's veterans. The Department… Read More

Raising Awareness for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects hundreds of thousands of veterans every year. To help raise awareness and understanding for this often debilitating condition, Congress, through the efforts of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and The… Read More

Government Partners with Energy Groups to Employ Veterans

For those returning from war, the transition back into civilian life can be a difficult one and transferring military skills to everyday life is not always easy.Furthermore, post 9/11 returning service members have historically had higher unemployment… Read More

NPR: VA Fails to Provide Benefits to Vets Exposed to Mustard Gas

An NPR investigation revealed that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has failed to follow-up on its promise to provide compensation to approximately 4,000 men who were used as human test subjects for mustard gas during World War II. Although the… Read More

VA Aims to Identify Veterans at High Risk for Suicide

Soldiers returning from war are often left with both physical and emotional scars that last for years and from which they may never fully recover. Many are plagued by lingering memories of combat, deaths of fellow soldiers and service-related injuries.Vets… Read More

Benefits Expanded to C-123 Aircraft Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange

A group of approximately 2,100 Air Force Veterans finally have reason to celebrate.The group has battled for years with the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) for compensation for illnesses that developed as a result of exposure to Agent Orange in aircraft… Read More

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