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You made a lifetime commitment to serve our country and deserve to receive the veterans benefits you need. Unfortunately, military veterans benefits seem to have become harder and harder to obtain. Veterans applying for benefits often face a complicated process that can stretch months and even years. We can help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

We Can Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve

Our veterans are heroes and we believe in supporting our troops by standing up for their rights. We don't work for the government, we work for you. For a free claim review call (877) 777-4021 or contact us online.

Veterans disability agents and veterans disability attorneys can have much in common. Both a veterans disability agent and a veterans disability attorney who is accredited by the VA may provide representation to claimants before the VA.

What is the Difference Between a Veterans Disability Agent and a Veterans Disability Attorney?

At Vets National Advocates, we are veterans advocates, not a law firm. Yet, most of our advocates are veterans disability claims lawyers. Our advocates are licensed by the CAVC and accredited by the VA, meaning they are qualified to represent claimants seeking veterans disability benefits at various levels of the appeals process.

We treat the veterans who come to us with respect and admiration. We cannot heal the physical and mental wounds incurred during your service, but we can make the claims process easier for you.